Day 1 - Start A Blogging Business



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We owe so much of our “Lovely Life” to blogging. For years, our blog brought in about $30,000/mo on average. It provides us a wonderful income and gives us the opportunity to travel the world with our family to some amazing places. Last year we traveled over 150 days and next year we plan to do the same!!

I (Heather) work from home with my husband, Pete, and together we run It’s A Lovely Life. I’ve been blogging for over 15 years now, and I am so excited to share with you everything I've learned so that you can start your own blog that can make a difference in your life. I am a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to blogging... I read everything I can find, test out many new ideas, and network with as many bloggers as I can so I can constantly improve my blog and make more money from it! I love talking about blogging too.

Up until a few years ago, Pete was a full-time real estate broker running our own company that specialized in working with investors. Pete was working on our site part-time for years...mainly handling the technical and business side of things. He shifted to working on our online business full-time because the opportunities were so great in blogging. He has incorporated a lot of the money-making aspects from real estate into our blog and he will be sharing those tips too.

Our goal in providing you the Start A Blogging Business crash course is to give you a roadmap to achieve the same success and show you what is possible with a blogging business. We will share with you training and the tools to have your own site up and running in 5 days. It will take some work on your part, but if you dedicate some time now, you will set yourself on a path that can lead you in directions you never thought possible.

I look back to my early days of blogging and my progress was so slow because I had nobody to show me the ropes. If a course like this was available to me for free before I started, I could have saved years of frustration and wasted time.

If you follow the course exactly as I lay it out, you can be on the path to living the lifestyle of your dreams, being your own boss and setting your own schedule so you can be there more for those you love.

I hope you take this information and run with it. I can't wait to see you succeed!

~ Heather Reese

The goal of this course is to take you through the exact steps to get your own blogging business started.

In only 5 days, you’ll have your blogging business established and ready to start producing great content for your readers. To make this happen, you’ll need to follow the exact steps that we outline in this course.

Keep in mind, we know that everyone works at their own pace and that is OK. If it takes more than 5 days, that is OK! Just make daily progress on the steps and you will accomplish the goal of getting your blog started.

How this course works:

The coursework is divided into 5 separate days. Each day you will receive an email with links to that day’s coursework.

To get your blog set up properly, you’ll need to complete 12 individual steps. Each day you’ll be prompted to complete 2-4 steps based on the material covered that day.

The important thing is to finish ALL the steps.

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Day 1 - Pick your niche

  • ​Day 2 - Name your blog & get it started!

  • ​Day 3 - Learn the blogging platform, get your design started & order/create a logo

  • ​Day 4 - Create your first pages and blog post & create your social media accounts for your blog

  • ​Day 5 - Learn how you can make money with your blog

We want you to get all of the set up done and be on THE RIGHT path to producing amazing content. This can lead you to a level of prosperity that you may never have realized was possible.

The content is presented in consumable pieces because we are big believers in not overwhelming you. Most people are much more productive breaking large tasks down into smaller pieces. Just like the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” your blog won’t be either. When you are tackling any large project, take it one day or one step at a time and great things can be achieved.

At the end of the 5 Day Course (and completion of all 14 steps), you’ll have the foundation for a blogging business that you can use to create to create the type of life you want.

Keep in mind that a blog can be a business like any other and in order to be successful, it will require focused work and a solid plan.

Lastly, we are frequently asked, “What’s in it for you? Why would you give this course away for free if it is truly valuable?” Or, sometimes we are told, “Nothing in this world is free...there is always a catch.”

In this case, there is no “catch”, but we’re not aimlessly throwing it out there either.

Here are the 3 reasons we are providing you with this course (without asking for you to pay for it):

1. The key to our success has been giving. I know on the surface this may not make sense, but we’ll get into this concept specifically in this course. Just know that we wholeheartedly subscribe to the notion that the more we give, the more we’ll receive in return.

2. We earn affiliate commissions which help offset our expenses (mainly ads and our support staff). When our students click through our links to our partners to sign up for their services, we’ll earn a commission from our partner (at no extra cost to our students; PLUS most of the time our students get a special deal by clicking through our link). Many of the links that are clicked on the internet are actually referral (affiliate links).

3. Our goal is to demonstrate the type of value we provide. Ultimately, we’d love for you to move onto our premium course once you see the extraordinary value we provided with this course. If not, that’s okay too! We know that it will still work out for us in the long run. It’s kind of like when you go to Costco… If you walk through the food aisles on a busy day, there will be numerous vendors giving away samples of their food. Their goal is to show you how delicious their food is. Hopefully, you’ll want to buy some to bring home with you. Although, I have to say that a half chicken nugget on a toothpick won’t change your life, but our courses certainly can if you follow the steps.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way and you can see that there are no hidden agendas here, let’s move onto the interesting stuff.

Are ready to put in the work AND create something special? Let’s get started!

This course works hand in hand with our Facebook group. It is an excellent resource for new bloggers and will help you connect with others that are starting on the same path. If there is anything in the course that you need some help with, the group is the first place to start. The group is an extremely important part of this course.

Click this link to join the Facebook group NOW to complete Action Step 1. (it just takes a second)

Note: When you join the group, make sure to read the main pinned post in the Announcement Section Of The Group with important information about how the group works. We put a lot of effort into creating an amazing and safe environment in our group and we would LOVE for you to be part of it all!

If you are reading this, that means that you are serious about getting your own blogging business started. There is tremendous opportunity in the blogging world right now, and you have made a great decision to start.


"The path to success is to take massive, determined actions." -- Tony Robbins

Let’s dive right into the Day 1 Lesson

What is a niche? In the way that we are using the term, Merriam-Webster defines “niche” as: a specialized market

It will be the topic(s) of focus of your blog.

It’s important to decide on your niche or the focus of your blog at the beginning. It’s the foundation that the rest of your blog will be built upon.

For this reason, defining your niche is what we will focus on today.

The best and most trusted blogs are those written by people that have an actual interest or passion for the subject of their blog.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my hobbies?

  • ​​Do I love to travel?

  • ​What am I an expert in?

  • ​​Do I have any major goals that I would like to accomplish?

  • Am I interested in learning or doing something specific?
Here are some of the most profitable niches (in no particular order):

Lifestyle – This is a broad category that will give you the flexibility to talk about many different things on your blog related to your lifestyle.

​​Travel – Travel is a popular subject and one that is highly researched online.

​​Health – We all want to live a longer and healthier life.

​​Weight Loss – A large portion of the population of the US is overweight. Many are looking for motivation and inspiration to help with this issue.

​​Fitness – We are always looking to get in better shape. This is a passion and a hobby for many.

​​Inspiration and Self Help – The search for self-improvement is constant. If you like sharing motivation and self-help ideas, this niche could be for you.

​​Pets – People love their pets and they also love to network with other pet lovers online. There are plenty of opportunities to focus on specific breeds or types of animals.

​​Investing & Personal Finance – If you are an expert in this area, maybe you could show others the way!

Technology – Whether it is the newest phone, flat screen tv, or new tech gadget, there is an endless supply of material to discuss in this niche.

​​Beauty & Fashion – I’ve found that you either have it or you don’t in this niche. If you have it, you probably already know it, and you should seriously consider sharing your knowledge with the rest of us…lol!

Sports - The opportunities are endless here as sports are a passion of people all around the world.

Entertainment - Movies, TV, Celebrities, Social Media starts, you name it! There’s endless opportunity here to discuss what is happening in niche.

Personal Finance - Money makes the world go round, and if you’ve got an interest in money (who doesn’t, right?), you may want to consider this niche

Real Estate - Residential, Investment, Commercial, and Mortgage related-niches are perfect for a blog...especially if this is your business! Not only can you generate great leads this way, but you can build your authority in the process.

Crafting or Artistic Niches - Are you the type that can create? A niche in crafting or art could be perfect for you to showcase your talents and show others how to do the same

Food - There are endless possibilities for food blogs. Things like eating out, specific types of foods and diets, recipes, baking, and so much more. People always are always interested in food!

Business - Are you an expert in a specific area of business? Why not start a blog about it? This is a great way to find new clients or build authority in your specific field.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before deciding on a niche:

“There are riches in niches”

It is generally not a good idea to be too broad ...say “sports” for example. You’ll have much better luck if you focus on a particular sport, or maybe even a specific professional or college sports team.

A narrow niche is good, but if you go too narrow because it will limit your audience and your earning potential. Expanding on the sports example, don't make your blog about your son's middle school baseball team. While this may be a fun venture, it would be very difficult to get enough readership to generate any meaningful amount of income from your blog. Maybe the maximum readership could top out at a couple of hundred people.

Don't start a blog on a subject that you do not enjoy. Personally, I do not enjoy sports. It would be an enormous struggle for me to write about sports ...even if I identified the niche as very profitable. Trust me, it will not be a sustainable long-term project for you if you don’t enjoy your niche.

Some niches are just hard to make money from. Make sure you clearly identify ways to make money from your chosen niche before you finalize your choice.

Do you know what your niche will be? If you do not have a clear idea, STOP now, and give this some deep thought. This is an important step!

Focus on getting this step right, but don’t let the decision cripple you.

Need some help figuring this out? Use the power of our 200,000+ member Facebook group to help you decide on the right niche for you.

Just CLICK THIS LINK and start a new post in the group with #pickmyniche and tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests. If you have a couple of topics that you are trying to decide between, let us know that as well. We’ll approve your post and help you get it figured out!

Note: If you have not been accepted into the group yet, the link will not work. Keep checking your Facebook notifications to see when you are accepted into the group.

You may already know your niche, and if that’s the case, this step is super easy for you!

As soon as you have your niche figured out, write it down and then you are done with Step 2!

Day 1 Assignment Recap

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Step 2: Pick Your Niche

Remember: If you need help picking your niche, we’re ready to help you! CLICK THIS LINK and start a new post in the group with #pickmyniche and we’ll help you get it figured out!

Tomorrow’s installment of the course is when the fun will start…picking a name for your new blog and getting it started.

Ready to keep going?

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